Combined Shape

Riqualificazione dell’asse viario di via De’ Barberi tramite la realizzazione di una greenway urbana

Grosseto, 2022

Location: Grosseto, Italy
Year: 2022
Project: OKS Architetti
Advisor: Giardini Associati, ing. Andrea Sorbi
Collaborator: Cristina Bartolucci, Daniele Della Ragione, Simone Distefano, Pasquale Massimo, Carlotta Menegoni, Ilenia Patrì, Edoardo Trevisan
Render: Studio Elemento
Program: Masterplan
Type: International design competition (1st prize) - PNRR
Commission: SFTE - PD - PE -DL

The constant dichotomy between city and countryside translates into the creation of an urban-landscape gradient that crosses via de’ Barberi, transforming the road axis into a connection activator between urbs and rus. The new “Urban Greenway” is conceived as a public space for people, as well as vehicular access, configuring a high quality urban place, structured and balanced on the needs of all users. This is made possible by the integration of multiple lines of action: a continuous and safe chromatically recognizable pedestrian and cycle path, which facilitates and enhances access to commercial activities, enhancing economic development and attracting a greater number of users; the perceptive diversity ensured by the succession of heterogeneous scenarios, promoting the possibility of social aggregation, as well as the tourist and cultural growth of the city; the integration of the plant component, which improves the local microclimate and air quality, reducing CO2 emissions, the heat island effect, minimizing the demand for air conditioning in the surrounding buildings. In addition, the inclusion of rain gardens, which make the ground permeable to heavy rainfall, creates a rainwater management and reuse system. The landscape and colors of the Maremma are evoked through the use of local materials and similar chromatic tones, to emphasize the relationship between the agricultural landscape and the city.

oks architetti

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