Combined Shape

Ponte della Navetta

Parma, 2015

Location: Parma, Italia
Year: 2015
Project: OKS Architetti
Collaborator: ing. Dario Maggiorelli, Davide Lucia, Elisa Cortopassi
Program: Bicycle and pedestrian bridge
Type: Open competition

The projects for the new Navetta bridge re-establish the connection between two banks of Braganza River setting partly on the old circuit. The existing volume is ideally doubled and overlying on the basic patterns of the ancient Roman aqueducts, which suggest the image. The path is compressed between two wooden guardrails which, on the banks, measure the height of the old bridge, ranking as an entrance portal and, with the development of the uphill path, decrease in height slowly revealing fragments of the surrounding landscape.

oks architetti

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