Combined Shape

Piazza Supernova

Calitri, 2012

Location: Calitri (AV), Italia
Year: 2012
Project: OKS Architetti
Program: Square
Type: Open competition (3rd Prize)

The project site is located near a widening formed by the intersection of two roads. The historic center of Calitri is characterized by asymmetries and changes in altitude. The intention of the project is to define a recognisable space by projecting a square-shaped carpet into the area as an element of contrast with its surroundings. This element adapts to the shape and course of the soil without changing its morphological characteristics. The altitude differences create a new point of view on the square where its new shape is clearly visible. The square is designed as a horizontal screen where, thanks to the white colour of the floor and the regular shape, images and videos are projected. Citizens are the main protagonists of this place, with which you can interact and have a look through the projections to distant places, near or imaginary.

oks architetti

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