Combined Shape

Parco del Diversivo

Grosseto, 2021

Location: Grosseto, Italia
Year: 2021
Project: OKS Architetti
Advisor: Giardini Associati (dott. Paola Mainardi e dott. Silvia Martelli) e ing. Andrea Sorbi
Collaborator: Andrea Rossi, Martina Farolfi, Ilenia Patrì
Render: RAD Architetture
Program: Masterplan and urban park
Type: Public work - PNRR
Commission: SFTE - PD - PE - DL

The masterplan for the new “Parco del Diversivo” seeks to combine on one hand the needs and demands of the citizens and on the other the respect for the territory and for the urban context in which it is inserted. Two routes have been identified to define the area, which follow the path of the old “Canale Diversivo”, and a central cycle and pedestrian axis which crosses the entire park: a real “thorn” in which the different functions of the park are articulated. Inside the park we can found: a natural amphitheatre, a sports playground, dog areas, workshops / educational paths, an area for events and spaces for children. Thanks to the secondary paths and the numerous trails, this intervention is no longer an element of separation, but it tries to patch the existing city-fabric making the park easily accessible from different parts of the city. The choice to assign this area to a public space and its location suggests the idea to transform it in a “memorial site”, telling the story of the territory, of the reclamation and of the thousands of people who have transformed a largely marshy and unhealthy land into a flourishing province. A central element for the environmental and ecological enhancement of the park concerns the selection of vegetation species that will be planted and that with their characteristics will determinate the increase of the biodiversity of the area. Native species typical of the Mediterranean scrub will be planted, they will mainly be used to shade routes and rest areas.

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