Combined Shape

National concert hall “Tautos Namai”

Vilnius, 2019

Location: Vilnius, Lituania
Project: OKS Architetti + RAD + Vie Ingegneria
Collaborator: Eleonora Sorbi, Giulia Rivellino
Program: Concert hall
Type: Design competition

The new Concert Hall will be an opportunity for the city of Vilnius to equip itself with a culturally very representative and iconic building that will become a new symbol for the city itself and for the progress of the whole country. On the top of the project area stands the imposing ethereal structure formally made up of multiple cylinders that organically join together to form a compact and inviolate volume. An ideal disturbance of the roofing enlivens the heights of the cylinders themselves, configuring, on the roofing, a sinuous gait like the surrounding landscape. An ideal raised extension of the surrounding park that will allow visitors to have a unique point of view of the surrounding landscape. The serial perimeter of the external cement curtain, consisting of cylinders extruded to a height of twenty-five meters, is violated only by a clean cut at the base of the main elevation overlooking the square, making it possible to obtain a monumental and representative entrance, represented by serial arches cut directly into hollow cylindrical volumes. The evocative monumentality of the large external cylinders poetically recalls, on a large scale, a complex of organs and formally does not want to approach the previous architectural ideals existing in the site. Even inside, the large entrance hall shows the full height of the interior space, lit only by a zenithal light coming from the hollow cylinders of the roof, the residue of a hypothetical emptying of the interior space. The large outer shell, made up of cement cylinders, holds inside like a temple the large volume of the Main Hall and the Small Hall, which is formally independent from its “container”, is perceptible and measurable from all levels of the building. An iconic, monumental building that only wants to resemble itself, declaring itself as a symbol, a new face of Lithuanian technological and cultural progress.

oks architetti

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