Combined Shape

Masterplan Capannori Città

Capannori, 2016

Location: Capannori (LU), Italia
Year: 2016
Project: OKS Architetti + M. Buoro (paesaggio) + E. Fontana, K.F. Gemignani, F. Di Santoro (progettazione) + P. Costa (sociologia)
Collaborator: Areta Palaj
Program: Masterplan
Type: Open competition

The project should be summarized in an image: large main ridge that cuts the city from north to south and becomes the catalyst of new and old activities. The large main ridge is intercepted by secondary axes and, with other minor lines, it concurs to create the new skeleton of the city and it organizes his functions, activities and common spaces. Inside the masterplan there are three areas: “functional” area (with offices, accommodations, sport centres, schools, an health area, residences), “founding” area (with a church, shops and other residences and accommodations) and the “hinge” (with a railway station, coworking placed and other residences). Most of the process of the Masterplan are closely connected to the social transformations that it tries to create.

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