Combined Shape

Ex centrale termica Fiat

Firenze, 2019

Location: Firenze, Italia
Year: 2019
Project: OKS Architetti + Studio63 + arch. Gaetano Salamone
Collaborator: Lorenzo Bacci, Enrico Casini, Ilenia Patrì
Program: Multi-use space
Type: Public tender

The new power station will be a symbolic place for a city that wants to become eco-responsible. Our vision is to transform the building from a cold and inorganic architectural element into a real organism, composed of abiotic and biotic parts and animated by the people who will visit it. A lively, intelligent and sensitive place, a place where vegetation and architecture find a new form of synthesis in a building that returns clean air and energy to the environment. Like a living being, the “centrale botanica” is made up of various organs: the staircase, the boiler room and the roof. Through the organs, visitors will be able to interact with the body via sounds, lights, colours, perfumes, flavours and tactile sensations.

oks architetti

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