Combined Shape

Ampliamento cimitero comunale

San Pancrazio Salentino, 2018

Location: San Pancrazio Salentino (BR), Italia
Year: 2018
Project: OKS Architetti + Archisetti
Collaborator: Cristina Bartolucci
Program: Cemetery
Type: Open competition (honorable mention)

The project of the extension of the cemetery will be an alternative to the suburban of cemeteries: to make a place where oblivion coexists with memory, following a gradual transition from the personal to the collective. A central “cut” identifies the entrance to the municipal cemetery of San Pancrazio, where the roof, like a golden veil, stretches over the volume hosting the services. Having passed the entrance volume, which contains the mortuary, the deposit, the toilets, and a space designated to the animal cemetery, we stand in front of a central path, in whose length runs the new extension of the cemetery. At the end of the path, we find the central court space surrounded by volumes hosting the columbaria. At the centre, the garden of remembrances characterized by the presence of olive trees and bounded by a pool, which are elements that are identifying the territory but also iconographic of the Christian tradition. The olive tree is in fact a symbol of regeneration and of peace. On the perimetric body of water is infinitely reflected the marble block containing the ossuaries, obscuring the intimacy of the porch passage of the entire complex.

oks architetti

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