Combined Shape

Stone City Headquarters

Bolgare, 2017

Location: Bolgare, Italia
Year: 2017
Project: OKS Architetti
Collaborator: Eleonora Sorbi, Domenico Palattella
Program: Multifunctional building
Type: International competition (mentioned)

The beauty and consistency of the products “Granulati Zandobbio” are the generating and guiding elements of the entire project. The same highway is not seen as a physical limit, but as an opportunity and is solved with a continuous wall front placed along the entire project area. The wall, covered with the products of the company itself and drilled, if necessary, is left to shape only to get in touch with the real multifunctional pole. A symbolic tower, located in the area behind the large wall and bearing the inscription “Stone City”, breaks the horizontal linearity of the complex. The square behind it, intended for events, is a continuation of the interior spaces also thanks to the continuous stone flooring. A corner of the square leans upwards and welcomes the gatehouse and the caretaker’s house, while outside it can be used for both corporate and public spectators. The rest of the monumental square is instead configured as a real exhibition area.

oks architetti

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