Combined Shape

Riqualificazione e valorizzazione della Rocca del Leone come Arena per pubblici spettacoli all’aperto

Castiglione del Lago, 2023

Location: Castiglione del Lago (PG), Italy
Year: 2023
Project: OKS Architetti
Advisor: CMA Engineering, Vie Ingegneria S.r.l., Arch. Carla Citernesi, Dott.Agr. Paola Mainardi, Arch. Eleonora Spaziani
Collaborator: Cristina Bartolucci, Daniele Della Ragione, Ilenia Patrì, Marco Cardini, Simone Distefano
Render: Slim Studio
Program: performance arena
Type: International design competition (1st prize)
Commission: SFTE

The project fits into the context through understanding the current internal arrangement and reinterpreting the historical lines, visual, formal and ecological connections stratified in space and time. The intervention aims to reactivate and redevelop the entire area of the ” Rocca del Leone” and its walls, to create a visual, ecological and attractive synergy, thus increasing its enjoyment and economic potential. The interior space is a place of the heterogeneous, where elements of different eras and civilizations coexist, so the interpretive reworking of heritage emergencies, constraints and historicized elements results in compatible, recognizable and reversible design choices. The current concrete steps clash with the concept of soil permeability and integration with the context, so it will be planned to be removed and a new step constructed, while the stage will be retained. The ancient function of hortus conclusus is resumed in the main lines of the paths and in the different vocation of the spaces, creating two environments: the tree-lined foyer and the theater garden, put in contact by a raised area that is both an element of visual separation and access and connection to the arena.

oks architetti

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