Combined Shape

Piazza Eroi della Libertà

Bordighera, 2015

Location: Bordighera (IM), Italia
Year: 2015
Project: OKS Architetti
Collaborator: Elena Farinelli, Višnja Sušak
Program: Square and public space
Type: Open competition

The project aims at building a new city gate which has also the function to be a filter from the urban structure to the coast landscape, now restricted beyond the railway line. The idea which had given life to this project was born from the relationship between the landscape and the city. The end is to make this place as a membrane: from one side there is the landscape, dilated but hidden, and from the other, the city, compressed by the building density. In this way the place becomes an ideal path from the city to the sea and conversely. A module design articulates and reorganizes the urban space adapting itself to the functional and morphological features of the place.

oks architetti

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