Combined Shape

Palazzo in via Albanese

Modica, 2016

Location: Modica (RG), Italia
Year: 2016
Project: OKS Architetti
Collaborator: Andrea Scalabrelli
Program: Apartment renovation
Type: Private commission

The renovation project wants to save and upgrade the main elements of the building, preserving its identity, its distribution, and its historical value. Therefore, we have preserved the original layout. White wooden boiserie create a contrast with the paintings on the wall and they contribute to retrain the old wet walls. Originally the floors of the rooms were different, now there is a durmast parquet and some ancient ceramics from Caltagirone, retrieved from the previous flooring. The ancient kitchens are in the same position and they coexist with a renovated furniture in natural iron and wood, giving the house the priceless taste of the time that he lived.

oks architetti

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