Combined Shape

Nuovo palazzetto dello sport

Nardò, 2023

Location: Nardò (LE), Italy
Year: 2023
Project: OKS Architetti + studio/C
Collaborator: Cristina Bartolucci, Daniele Della Ragione, Ilenia Patrì
Program: sports hall
Type: International design competition

The New Sports Hall of Nardò is configured as a technological and innovative sports facility and at the same time a civic center and a pole of attraction for the entire city, thanks to the plurality of functions that it accommodates and that make it usable even outside of sports competitions. The structure looks like a suspended volume immersed in the rows of olive trees and holm oaks (which promote the integration of the new building with the surrounding landscape and mitigate its impact) thanks also to the use of semi-transparent infills that enclose the inner block of the arena. The latter contrasts with the opaque surface of the roof clad in Lecce stone slabs, a material that recalls local tradition. The roof opens onto the large entrance plaza that welcomes and introduces spectators and citizens to the arena and helps extend sports activities outside the sports facility itself, thus becoming a place for socializing and outdoor activities. With its large size and flexible outdoor space, as well as guaranteed protection from sun and rain, the plaza can also be enjoyed at city events and fairs. The entire complex is designed according to a general philosophy of multifunctionality, whereby each environment can always be used for something else in the future, and the concept of the Palasport as a Civic Center fully expresses the strategy whereby this intervention can (and should) contribute to the entire community according to the highest principles of economic and social sustainability.

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