Combined Shape

Nuova scuola viale Torino

Cesenatico, 2018

Location: Cesenatico (FC), Italia
Year: 2018
Project: OKS Architetti + Filoferro Architetti
Collaborator: Eleonora Fei, Ansar Ben Haj Kacem
Program: Primary school
Type: Open competition

The project for the new school complex of Viale Torino, in Cesenatico, focuses its attention on children: every place is designed for its primary users, for their learning and their social relationships. Through the design we try to overcome the idea that the classroom is the central hub of the school, and the core of education to which all the other spaces are subordinate. The rigid hierarchy that has so far characterized the school environments is being challenged, to make way for an architecture characterized by flexible spaces, which have the same dignity and habitability. Therefore, the new teaching way, takes over the whole building. The school fits into the urban context by providing a new reading of the area in which it is established. Indeed, it identifies at Level Zero, 3 different, but interconnected, macro-zones, which will be usable both by young users and by the community, like a new urban piece.

oks architetti

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