Combined Shape

Nuova biblioteca

Copenaghen, 2014

Location: Copenaghen, Danimarca
Project: OKS Architetti
Program: Library
Type: Open competition

The design area for the new library in Copenhagen is located along the axis that connects the city center with the statue of the Little Mermaid. The area faces the Opera house and on the opposite side faces the Amalienborg Palace. Copenhagen is mostly flat land with an average height of buildings between 10m and 20m. Few exceptions are represented by some panoramic points where you can have a view of the city such as the Round Tower (36m), the Church of our Redeemer with its famous spiral spire (90m) and the Radus tower (105m). The intention of the project is to create a new viewpoint and to establish a strong relationship between the public space and the new library. The public is guided inside by a volume that crosses the building and reaches the terrace. This element creates a continuity with the public ground and can be used regardless of the opening times of the library.

oks architetti

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