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New ways to live venice

Venezia, 2014

Location: Isola di Poveglia e Ottagono (VE), Italia
Year: 2014
Project: OKS Architetti
Collaborator: Camilla Meciani
Program: Masterplan
Type: Open competition

The project is based on two principles: the first regarding transportation as a solution to reduce the water boat traffic and the second one defines a strategy on how to intervene on the site. These two ideas are linked by the intention of leaving the island to its actual conditions. The lack of green areas in Venice raised the need for a city park where residential buildings are left to the surrounding shoreline. The project defines three paths that extend their footprint on the water creating piers that embrace the new houses. The housing design is based on the traditional Venice area fishermans houses named Casone. The arches below the houses recall to the Venice bridges. The cable car transportation system reduces the traffic and takes a shorter time compared to the ferry boat to connect the Poveglia island to Venice.

oks architetti

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