Combined Shape

New Green masterplan

Baotou, 2015

Location: Baotou, Cina
Year: 2015
Project: OKS Architetti + Marcon Boffo Architetti
Collaborator: Arianna Messina, Niccolò Battilana
Program: Masterplan
Type: Private commission

The masterplan for the extended area of Sayan Tala Park in Baotou was redefined in the project as an extension of the city to the east, defining the archaeological site of park. The project provide the insertion of a long front basement along the road on which rest eight towers residential and ampersand, the basement filters the city from the new extended enclosed urban park to the east of a large residential area and services to lower volume, near the mongolian resettlement. the intervention finds its foundations in the principles of feng shui and the proper and sustainable functionalization of the new urban area.

oks architetti

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