Combined Shape

La scuola che vorrei

Sassa, 2017

Location: Sassa (AQ), Italia
Year: 2017
Project: OKS Architetti
Collaborator: ing. Andrea Pagliazzi, Emanuele Longo
Program: Kindergarten and school (secondary and primary)
Type: International competition

The school complex project of Sassa is addressed to the scholastic activities, in addition to the will to become a real civic centre open to the city. The aim is to give a public and multifunctional space to the community. It will not be a building that runs out with the scholastic hours, but a school-square that encourage interpersonal relationships, promoting events and groups’ integration. Different volumes join together, inserting in a virtual point of connection, from which all the “branches” seem to rotate. The functional and symbolic heart of the school (agorà) represent a sharing space for the students. It is proposed to gather the classrooms in smaller and almost independent “learning communities” to take back scholastic activities to a controlled dimension. We decided to create for primary and secondary school learning communities each consisting of classrooms, labs, group work areas and space for individual study. The students may feel like the belong to a community, clearly discerning physical and architectonical limits. Each volume will represent for them an activity, a scholastic path, a place of belonging.

oks architetti

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