Combined Shape

In-nova schola

L'Aquila, 2019

Location: L'Aquila, Italia
Year: 2019
Project: OKS Architetti + ATIproject
Collaborator: Eleonora Sorbi, Ilenia Patrì
Program: Pre-school and primary school
Type: Design competition

The new school complex of Gignano, Torretta-Sant’Elia has the purpose of relation with the residential context, especially to create a strong formal link with the landscape context around it. A sustainable school surrounded by the nature. The building, developed along the longitudinal axle of the project area, use the natural slope of the soil in order to maintain unaltered the hill context around it. In this way, the regular and functional geometry of the school, are integrated with the landscape thanks to the green roof, accessible from south, in the highest part of the project area. The volume of the school seems to be hollow in the hill around it.

oks architetti

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