Combined Shape

Ethiopian satellite preschools

Dillu e Hiddi, 2021

Location: Dillu e Hiddi, Ethiopia
Year: 2021
Project: OKS Architetti
Collaborator: Chloe De Marco, Ilenia Patrì, Marco Vichi
Program: Primary school
Type: Open competition

“Ethiopian satellite preschools” are designed to be flexible, modular and easy to built and replicable in every site and context, with an eye to the aesthetics and usability of the spaces. The project includes local materials, functional to education, with flexible spaces that can be adapted to the various types of use, designed to be sustainable from a constructive and maintenance point of view. The punctiform wooden structure supports a roof in reinforced sheet metal, under which the various buildings are developed in blocks, which can be built with different shapes and sizes according to the needs. In fact, it can be built in different steps and the planimetric system can be modified simply by adding new raw earth infills to the existing basic structure, or if necessary, demolished to create a wider environment, with little waste of energy and materials, without touching the supporting structure.

oks architetti

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