Combined Shape

Casa L+M

Firenze, 2018

Location: Firenze, Italy
Year: 2018
Project: OKS Architetti + arch. Marcella Di Giorgio
Program: Apartment renovation
Type: Private commission
Photography: Fabio Semeraro

The renovation has allowed the complete renewal of an apartment located on the top floor of a Florentine building of the first post-war period. An extensive demolition of all non-load-bearing walls, including the attic floors, has returned a large “empty” space on which to intervene almost freely. A new “grey” volume, containing the main services such as the kitchen and the two new toilets, is inserted inside the empty volume of the apartment and, exploiting all the useful height up to the roof, re-functionalizes the domestic space with a new and flexible distribution on two levels, suitable for the young professional couple to whom the house is destined. The apartment is thus equipped with two completely renovated bathrooms, two bedrooms and a large living area from which it is possible to access, through the new iron staircase, the study located on the upper level of the apartment. The oak parquet floor, resin finishes and contemporary furniture designed to measure, return to the environment warmth and functionality. Each space is thus enhanced and actively participates in the overall harmony of the house.

oks architetti

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