Combined Shape

Casa F+M

Grosseto, 2015

Location: Grosseto, Italia
Year: 2015
Project: OKS Architetti
Program: Apartment renovation
Type: Private commission
Photography: Elena Montin

The project is a renovation of an apartment for a young couple with a child and a lively cat in Grosseto. The intervention, besides having secured a different distribution of the internal spaces, has permitted to add a new room, bathroom and studio, leaving unchanged the volume of the apartment. Although the use of oak wood, stoneware-porcelain grey and white plaster in various rooms makes the space more homogeneous, it appears at the same time different in all its aspects, depending on how these materials have been used. The apartment, although at first glance seems without elements, conceals many spaces such as cabinets, closets or storage compartments.

oks architetti

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