Combined Shape

Casa di comunità

Montemurlo, 2023

Location: Montemurlo (PO), Italy
Year: 2023
Project: OKS Architects + fagnoni&associati architects + TECNOCREO srl
Collaborator: Daniele Della Ragione
Program: community house
Type: public work - PNRR
commission: PD

The building complex of the Community House appears compact and rational in its volumes that blend well with the surrounding green and residential context. The exterior image of the building also well translates and reflects the articulation of the interior spaces. The distributional and functional layout was designed to generally ensure maximum functionality and ease of management, paying maximum attention to the therapeutic needs of the spaces and also to facilitate the separation of the flows of different types of users. In addition, the conformation of the building complex, in addition to ensuring functional improvement, also brings benefits in terms of the bioclimatic behavior of the facility. In general, the aim is to ensure functional and maintenance flexibility of the spaces, to enable future managers to adapt the facility according to their changing needs.

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