YEAR 2014

The guardian's house project is based on the aim of establishing an integrity with the park context, both from the formal aspects and from the materials used. The house is made by two distinct volumes that differentiate the working zone from the housing. The deposit volume is partially underground and is connected to the living room area. The housing volume is divided between a living room/kitchen area located on the ground floor and the bedrooms on the first floor. The positioning of the living area at -1m height allows a visual contact with the park and creates a link between inner and outer space. The relationship between the project and the park is further strengthened by the choice of the larch strips as a coating material. The terrace is located on the first floor allowing a complete visibility of both the villa and the park and reinforcing the concept of contiguity between working and living space of the house. The building is characterized by a structure in xlam laminated timber panels.