Combined Shape

Riqualificazione delle facciate ospedale “Le Scotte”

Siena, 2020

Location: Siena, Italia
Year: 2020
Project: OKS Architetti + ARX
Advisor: Mps Studio Associato, ing. Franco Biagiotti
Collaborator: Lorenzo Bacci
Program: Redevelopment of facades
Type: Open competition (3rd prize)

The contemporaneity of the intervention regenerates the image of the Hospital “Le Scotte”, realigning on aesthetic values tuned to the architectural culture of the second millennium: mediating between the requests of the place and the aesthetic /functional needs of a health structure, which is a territorial reference point and therefore as “civil architecture”. The new image declares how a hospital in 2020 is increasingly a place of research and problem solving of the patient. Aesthetics has been the motive for a new environmental and sustainable culture in territorial terms, of close context and at the same time of contemporaneity. Design research has also focused on highly contemporary materials for their sustainability and eco-compatibility characteristics. The dimensional scaling of the buildings allows to build a system of comparison and dialogue with the context, the soft lines of the hills become geometric cues for the extrapolation of the façade through the simple geometric overturning of the curved lines. The larger building body covered with “solid surface” strips builds an ethereal image that, in contrast to the white color, for immediate recognition, with the green context, manages to absorb the frame of the hills on the horizon as an element of geometric and territorial definition. Both day and night, through the lightness effect of the lights, architecture always compares in a different and stimulating way with the Sienese landscape scenery. Seen from below, the white building is abstracted from the immediate and wider context, while the perception from the hills allows to enhance the latter imposing their territorial and cultural presence.

oks architetti

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