Combined Shape

Riqualificazione Centrale del Foro Italico

Roma, 2019

Location: Rome, Italy
Year: 2019
Project: OKS Architetti + Prof. Giacomo Tempesta
Collaborator: Daniele Della Ragione, Davide Capriotti, Filippo Marconi, Lorenzo Bacci, Enrico Casini
Render: Simone Passaro
Program: Sport facility
Type: International design competition

The project for the new roof of the sports facility establishes a direct relationship with the context through the use of materials and clear and precise geometries, becoming a well recognizable and iconic sign. The architectural complex is characterized by a filter between the external space and the stadium, made up of a grid that marks a precise rhythm on the ground, defining and designing the open areas. Materials such as travertine, red stone and cement are used, continuing the area of ​​historical value of the Foro Italico Park. Volumetrically, the building integrates with the rationalist architectural language of the monumental complex in which it is inserted, reinterpreting compositional elements and materials of the past in a contemporary key. Furthermore, the roof is configured as a “golden fleece” resting on the powerful perimeter colonnade and the concave shape enhances the inclusion of the landscape context of Monte Mario. From a functional point of view, the main intervention was to insert a hole and a flight of steps near the portico that was created under the new roof, to connect the basement more directly.

oks architetti

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