Combined Shape

Rigenerazione del tessuto urbano consolidato

Gioia del Colle, 2023

Location: Gioia del Colle (BA), Italy
Year: 2023
Project: arch. Alfredo Vacca (teamleader) prof. arch. Flaviano Maria Lorusso + OKS Architetti + SUPERplum + studio/C architetti + arch. Edoardo Fiecconi
Consulenti: arch. Antonio Mazzeo, dott.ssa Paola Mainardi, AEI progetti, H2pro, dott. Marco Costa
Collaborator: Cristina Bartolucci, Daniele Della Ragione, Ilenia Patrì, Arianna Carbone, Agata Cimoli, Martina Farolfi, Lapo Gozzi, Carlotta Menegoni, Claudia Tognetti, Adrian Suciu
Program: Masterplan and Urban regeneration
Type: International design competition (1st prize) - PNRR

The project is based on the overall redefinition of the current equipped connection axis between the station and Piazza Plebiscito as a unitary, continuous and coherent urban-architectural system, divided into public pedestrian space and vehicular traffic with targeted rest areas and redeveloped plant and plant components . The disjointed episodic nature of previous interventions and arrangements with their functional deficiencies and degradation, the congestion of vehicular traffic, the disorganized location and insufficiency of parking spaces, the inhomogeneity of equipment and lighting conditions are resolved through: binding and reshaping planimetry and material homogenization of the entire surface of the equipped axis in the two primary vehicular and pedestrian components, respectively through the use of sound-absorbing, draining and fragmentation-resistant bituminous conglomerates and smoothness and local limestone paving; the organic and strategic review of traffic flows and the location of rest areas, for the purpose of decongesting and optimizing circulation and accessibility both within the system and around it; a general and adequate narrowing of vehicular carriageways for a significant increase in the pedestrian component and parking spaces, as well as for the acquisition of innovative technical-regulatory models (Zone 30); the confirmation, repositioning and increase of tree units and lighting fixtures for the upgrading and redevelopment of the overall and punctual environmental quality of the axis; the adaptation of the rainwater collection and disposal system and the technological quality of the public lighting systems; insertion of an automatic mechanized multi-storey car park according to the concept of green-parking with high safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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