Combined Shape

Poli per l’infanzia innovativa

Acqui Terme, 2023

Location: Acqui Terme (AL), Italy
Year: 2023
Project: OKS Architects
Collaborator: Cristina Bartolucci, Daniele Della Ragione, Marco Cardini, Luciano Ligorio, Lapo Gozzi
Program: nursery-kindergarten
Type: International design competition

The project for the “Innovative Childhood Poles” in Acqui Terme aims to relate to the surrounding context and, above all, to establish a strong formal link with the surrounding landscape piece: a sustainable school immersed in nature. This intervention will complement the existing school compound, upgrading the entire area and thus becoming a landmark for the city and the entire community. The design leitmotif is to create a unified, recognizable and identifying volume. Nursery and preschool in a single school hub, to lead back to an idea of educational and training continuum for all children. The school revolves around the little protagonists and adapts to their needs and requirements. The shape of the building, continuous and sinuous, creates a movement inspired by the circular motion that children make when they run. The idea is to create a “soft school,” without walls or edges, a metaphor for free and open thinking, capable of building a multicultural community that stimulates curiosity and the exchange of knowledge and experience.

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