Combined Shape

Nuova stazione elettrica di conversione Terna

Suvereto, 2020

Location: Suvereto, Italia
Year: 2020
Collaborator: Alice Luciano, Gloria Banchi
Program: Power station
Type: Design competition by invitation (4th prize)

The project concerns the redevelopment of the current Terna Power Station in Suvereto and in particularly the cladding of the new buildings, the perimeter fence, the lighting project and further interventions for the mitigation of the complex through plant arrangements.
The Power Station is positioned within an extra-urban context with a prevalent naturalistic value; the idea of ​​the new building cladding therefore finds its origin in the geometries of the surrounding landscape, mainly characterized by agricultural land. The new Conversion Station wants to dialogue with the regular lines of the fields and rows of the surrounding vineyards, through a skin of embossed metal panels. Near the openings and the central building, the skin is interrupted to make room for another type of light blue fiber cement coating, to recall the colors of the sky and the sea and recall the corporate identity by reminding the colors of Terna.
The natural element of the vegetation, in addition to taking on the function of mitigation and shielding, emphasizes the verticality of the building and all the cladding, through the provision of metal cables that will favor the growth of climbing plants. The overall perception of the new volume will communicate technological innovation and modernity, while at the same time communicating with the surrounding landscape.

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