Combined Shape

Nuova scuola dell’infanzia

Lurago d'Erba, 2018

Location: Lurago d'Erba (Co), Italia
Year: 2018
Project: OKS Architetti
Collaborator: Giulia Vanni
Program: Kindergarten
Type: Open competition

The new kindergarten completes the existing school plant, fitting into an area already characterized by the primary school. A big curvilinear coverage gently lay above the volumes of the kindergarten, supported by an ethereal forest of cylindrical pillars, seems floating over the ground. This lightness is even more emphasized by the underlying volumes made of glazed surfaces that disappear reflecting the surrounding landscape. Walking across the entrance a big distribution space is revealed all around the central court, this space is the heart of the building and it’s dedicated at the free activities of the kindergarten. Surrounded by colourful volumes here the children can play outdoor in safety. This project wants to provide an innovative vision of the educational building with modular, flexible and inclusive spaces.

oks architetti

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